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(English below)

今週末は2月23日(金)から25日(日)までの3日間、DAVIS DELIを営業いたします。

調理に時間を要するメニューも多くありますので、ご来店前のご注文をお勧めいたします。Tel. 0997 47 3636 



営業時間 2月23日(金)   12時~18時(ラストオーダー17時)

     2月24日(土)   12時~18時(ラストオーダー17時)

                  2月25日(日)   12時~16時(ラストオーダー15時) 




We are open Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February for take out service or you can eat at the tables in our garden. 

We will donate 5% of all sales amount to the Noto Peninsula earthquake victims.

Please call us in advance to confirm your order and pick up time, and if possible bring your own food containers. Tel: 0997-47-3636

We will be open as follows: 

February 23rd (Friday) 12:00-18:00 (last order 17:00)

February 24th (Sat) 12:00-18:00 (last order 17:00)

February 25th (Sun) 12:00-16:00 (last order 15:00)


*Today's menu*

Homemade pickles ¥250 (100g)

Marinated mushrooms ¥250 (100g)

Ratatouille ¥250 (100g)

Green bean falafel ¥200 

Saba (mackerel) rillette ¥450 

Homemade country style pork pate ¥600 

Turnip potage ¥500

Organic new potato rosti ¥500

Oven-roasted paprika stuffed with sticky barley, minced meat, and cheese ¥500 

Frittata with 3 types of cheese (omelette) ¥750

Ratatouille and mozzarella cheese hot sandwich ¥750

Casareccia (pasta) with anchovy, walnut and black olive sauce ¥1,000

Unmakaton Kagoshima juicy roast pork loin ¥600 (100g) 

Assorted prosciutto, salami, and cheese ¥1,200


Chef`s choice garden plate ¥1,000 (to eat at the garden table)


Banana, coconut and chocolate muffin ¥250

Baked cheesecake with island lemon (gluten free) ¥300

Baked pesticide-free tankan pudding ¥300


Homemade natural yeast bread ¥250 (1/2 loaf)


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